Plants with
a purpose

We’re producing for a better world.

AppHarvest tomato is on a mission to feed the future, from the heart of leaf Appalachia.

Growing fresh, nutritious fruits and veggies for the betterment of people and the planet.
We’re building a sustainable, homegrown food supply that’s accessible to all, all year long.

Farmers & Futurists

Our massive indoor farms are part vision, part science, and all inspiration. We combine innovative technology with natural resources and farming know-how, using less to grow more.

90% Less

We use only recycled rainwater and distribute it more efficiently, reducing water usage by up to 90%.


Farming indoors means year-round yield and a climate-resilient food supply.

No Harsh Chemical Pesticides

We harness nature, not harsh chemicals, creating an ecosystem where insects (like bees) keep our plants healthy.

30x More

Our 60-acre flagship facility is expected to yield 30x more food per acre than traditional farming.

Positively Delicious

We cultivate without compromise.

Our fruits and veggies can go from vine to grocery aisle in less than a day. Grown with integrity, not chemicals. They are picked at peak freshness and come ripe with flavor and nutrition. It’s a healthy difference you can see, feel, taste and love.

Proudly Grown in Appalachia

Proudly Grown in Appalachia

Our roots run deep in the hills of Appalachia and in the hearts of Appalachians. We are committed to reviving the region the right way – from how we cultivate our people to how we grow our produce. We are planting seeds for a brighter future, here.


We’re in business for good.

We are both a certified B Corp and Public Benefit Corporation because we believe in collective benefit over individual gain. We’ll take healthy produce over hefty profit, and clean over convenient any day. Because we are all in this together, for good.

Growing the Future

We’re nurturing the next generation.

We are investing in tomorrow’s farmers and futurists today. Partnering with educational institutions in the region and around the world, we’re creating AgTech opportunities for a whole new generation of growers, leaders, dreamers and doers.