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We’re always looking for remarkable people.

What we value:

Faith and Grit.
You embrace challenges with courage and resolve. Your strength of character and work ethic define you.

Passion and Dedication.
You constantly strive for excellence as you work for change in the agriculture industry and seek to improve lives in the community.

Proactive, Entrepreneurial Mindset.
You embody a “we can figure it out” mentality and challenge any notion that “this can’t be done.” You’re not afraid to tackle big problems through rapid experimentation.

Radical Transparency and Trust.
You operate openly and honestly, taking full responsibility for your actions.

Collaborative and Inspiring Leadership.
You seek opportunities to strengthen team culture and work more effectively. You constantly challenge and inspire your fellow team members.

About AppHarvest:

AppHarvest is redefining American agriculture by developing modern, large-scale controlled environment agriculture facilities in Central Appalachia.  We’re combining conventional agriculture techniques with the most recent proven to grow fruits and vegetables that are locally grown, climate resilient, free of harsh chemical pesticides, and resource efficient. We provide access to a nutritious and safe U.S.-grown food supply for consumers. 

We’re currently operating one of the largest greenhouses in North America, 60-acre controlled environment agriculture facility in Morehead, KY, and have an active development pipeline for additional facilities. These facilities grow more with fewer resources. When compared to traditional agriculture, we grow 30x more efficiently and with 90% less water. Located within a day’s drive of 70% of the U.S. population, our base in Appalachia allows us to pick our fruits and veggies when they are at peak nutrition and reduce diesel use in transportation by 80%.

AppHarvest is proud to verify our commitment to people and the planet by being a Certified B Corporation. As one of only four public B Corps in the United States, we are focused on balancing people and profit. Our goal is to promote a future of sustainable change in the agriculture industry while reducing our impact on the planet.  And we’re doing it all while creating jobs and helping Appalachia build a more resilient economy!

This is Farming Now.