We’re on a mission to make a difference.

We believe that large-scale indoor agriculture is the key to feeding the world’s rapidly growing population. That’s why we’re growing our business and our commitment to people, the planet and future generations. Our veggies come with a vision, and we’re working hard to see it thrive.

Sustainability Report 2020

Sustainability Report 2019


We put people first and it shows.

We’ve built our business on doing right by our people and our region. We’ve invested over $1 billion in Appalachia and created hundreds of sustainable, skilled jobs (and counting). Our workers are the heart and soul of our company, that’s why…

  • Our starting pay is 41% higher than comparable jobs in Kentucky
  • We provide a portfolio of 100% company-paid medical, dental, and life insurance options to our employees

Growing green for good

We’re doing our part to help the planet.

Our process and products are better for people and the planet. Resource efficient, climate resilient and locally grown means we’re sustainable in so many ways…

100% Recycled Rainwater

Up to 80% less water usage overall than traditional agriculture

The health of our employees and customers matter most
Pesticide Policy

No Agricultural Runoff

Nutrients stay in plants, not local waterways

Climate Resilient

Growing food in an indoor environment provides a buffer against extreme weather events

Less Food Waste

Controlled environment agriculture nets far less food spoilage


Sustainable Development Goals

We’re making our goals, the greater goals.

The UN General Assembly designated 2021 the International Year of Fruits and Veggies.


We’re in business for good.

We are both a certified B Corp and Public Benefit Corporation because we believe in collective benefit over individual gain. We’ll take healthy produce over hefty profit, and clean over convenient any day. Because we are all in this together, for good.

Cultivating the Future

We’re committed to AgTech education.

AppHarvest is investing in the next generation of farmers and futurists with opportunities in entrepreneurship and high–tech agriculture. We’re working with educational institutions to build expertise in controlled environment agriculture and establish an AgTech network. We’re connecting local institutions with world leaders in the field to stimulate research and educational programs.
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We’re dedicated to continuous innovation – investing in solutions, operations and R&D to continually grow smarter and more sustainably.

High-Tech Educational Container Farm Program

AppHarvest collaborates with Eastern Kentucky high schools to introduce and incorporate AgTech curriculum. The company has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars providing high-tech container farms, retrofitted from shipping containers, to offer students the opportunity to grow their own food and learn about the importance of nutritious fruits and vegetables.

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Pike County
At Shelby Valley High School, we are working alongside Pike County Schools to build AgTech programming and educate students about career paths in the field. At this pilot location, students use a shipping container retrofitted with cutting-edge technology for hands-on experience in a hydroponic learning laboratory. Their certified Kentucky Proud harvests are providing a local source of fresh food for those in need.
Rowan County
The program has now expanded to Rowan County Senior High School in Morehead, Kentucky, the home of our flagship farm. Each container farm includes space to grow up to 3,600 seedlings and 4,500 mature plants all at once using 256 vertical crop columns. The unique design utilizes cutting-edge LED lighting and closed-loop irrigation systems.


We’re more than committed to our partners in community, education and sustainability.